Our Garden

Highland Spirit Bed and Breakfast garden is always changing.   

Whisky mac roses were planted as bare root at the end of last year.  They have just come into flower this week and also have a lovely sent.

The bees are out in force.  One of their favourites is lavender.  Last year I was sure it was the same 5 bees that came back every day to the lavender in the stone trough.

We have Summer bedding of petunias in black , white,  pruple,  pink and lime green are planted in half whisky barrels.  A full bed of Anthrinums in red, white and yellow are excellent healthy plants, and now in full bloom thanks to the rain and sunshine!

The spring bulb brochure has just arrived  so Karen will be looking for new ideas to be planted later in the year ready for next spring.  The initial planning has started but I am sure the list will change a few times.

The last word is left to weeds  as they can be found in the garden whatever time of the year!

We hope you enjoy our garden and any tips are always welcome.