Our Garden

Highland Spirit Bed and Breakfast garden is always changing. The snowdrops are now making way for Crocus and Tete-aTete.  Even the Daffodils are starting to bloom.  Next up should be the Grape Hyacinth. The Tulips are making excellent progress but except for Red Riding Hood they will not be flowering until well into May. Normally just after the Spring Speyside Whisky Festival. https://www.spiritofspeyside.com

Rhodedendrons are in full bud waiting to burst in to colour in May and June.  Whisky mac roses were planted as bare root at the end of last year.  They will be orange in colour so it will be interesting to see which Dufftown Whisky the colour is the closest to.  Perennials are showing signs of early growth and should do well providing the deer do not over indulge.  

The last word is left to weeds  as they can be found in the garden whatever time of the year!

We hope you enjoy our garden and any tips are always welcome.